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Early Treatment

Some children may need what is called Early/Phase I Treatment. Early treatment is recommended in instances when your child's teeth have specific problems that may affect normal tooth eruption or proper jaw growth.  Some examples of early/phase I treatment are as follows:

     Space Maintenance: Fixed or removable appliances to prevent crowding from worsening, or to prevent space loss when baby teeth need to be extracted early.

     Palatal Expansion: An expander is required when your child's upper jaw (maxilla) is too narrow relative to the lower jaw (width).  The discrepancy in jaw size results in a "cross-bite."  Palatal expanders work better in younger patients, often before the child is ready for "full braces" treatment.  If left untreated, this can lead to facial and jaw asymmetry.

     Growth Modification: Some patients have either excess growth or deficient growth of either the upper or lower jaw.  In some of these cases growth modification can correct this discrepancy.  A common form of growth modification is called a headgear/night brace.  The most common type used in early treatment is designed to encourage a deficient upper jaw to grow more than it normally would otherwise.